Aug 172011

Main Contractor – Fleming Masonry Contractors Ltd

We have recently completed work on Phase 1 of the redevelopment of Dunlop Church in Ayrshire. The Church itself has a rich history dating back to 1835, but had fallen into a state of disrepair, meaning that an extensive upgrade was required, including structural improvements, stonework repair, and a complete overhaul of the existing heating system and old gas boiler, which was running at less than 60% efficiency.

dunlop church dunlop church

Anderson Floor Warming were employed to design a more energy efficient heating system, whilst being sympathetic towards the original features of the Church.  With a planned phase 2 of the development to include upgrading the building envelope to meet current Building Regulations, we specified underfloor heating, with 1,378 linear metres of pipework running between the reinstated floor joists, and supplemented this with cast iron radiators, which run off an energy efficient 35kW boiler located in the undercroft to the side.

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