Oct 172011

Mechanical Contractor – John Crawford

Architect – Gareth Hoskins Architects

Private House 2

A large 3 storey private house with swimming pool. The ground floor has underfloor heating using the pipe in staple system in a screeded floor.

Private house west of scotland

The first and second floors are timber construction and use the wood 22 system for underfloor heating.

Private House underfloor heating

A Nibe ‘Fighter’ 1330 – 60kW ground source heat pump is used to heat the underfloor in addition to being used to heat the swimming pool. This is the largest capacity domestic heat pump installation in Scotland that Nibe has provided a unit for. It utilises no less than 6 borehole collectors with a combined depth of 1300m to provide the energy for the heat pump.

Private House underfloor

The heat pump is neatly situated in a specially made cupboard in the building.

Nibe fighter 1330