Mar 172012

Architect – John H. White

Services Engineers – Anderson Floor Warming and Renewables

Main Contractor – Lochs and Glens Hotel

Mechanical Contractor –Anderson Floor Warming and Renewables

Ardgartan Hotel Heat Pump

Lochs and Glens Holidays, owners of the newly-built Ardgartan Hotel, were looking for a renewables solution both to reduce the carbon footprint of the hotel and to limit the use of oil and LPG as heating fuels, not least because of their high cost.  After weighing up a range of alternatives, Aeromax Plus air source heat pumps were selected on the basis of their cost-effectiveness and high performance levels.

Ardgartan Hotel Heat Pump

Aeromax Plus heat pumps use natural heat from outside air to provide central heating (either underfloor heating or traditional radiators) and/or hot water, and are well-suited to working efficiently in cooler Scottish temperatures. They can extract heat from the air at temperatures down to -20°C, making them consistently effective all-year-round, even in exposed locations. They have low running costs and can reduce energy bills and CO2 emissions by as much as 50 per cent. The powerful 75kW heat pump supplies the hotel’s underfloor heating, providing sufficient output to warm the majority of the ground-floor of the hotel, a total of 992m².

Ardgartan Hotel Plant Room

The heat pump and the underfloor heating system were selected, designed, supplied and installed in a full turnkey solution by local contractors Anderson Floor Warming. Michael Anderson, the managing director of Anderson Floor Warming, advises: “We recommended underfloor heating as the most efficient way to heat the hotel’s ground floor space. Heat pumps work well with this kind of system because of the lower temperatures required by underfloor heating.”  He adds: “The units are compact and easy to install. They are also incredibly quiet, which is important in this tranquil setting, and maintenance requirements are very low.”


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