May 172013

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South Lanarkshire College

From left to right Richard Allan – Nibe Regional Sales Manager Scotland, Michael Anderson – Director – Anderson Floorwarming & Renewables, James Martin – Associate Principal (Construction) – South Lanarkshire College and James Jamieson – Curriculum Manager – South Lanarkshire College.

The management of the South Lanarkshire College in East Kilbride looked to their own mission statement when considering the inclusion of renewable heating solutions for the construction wing of the college building. ‘Applying Leading Edge Thinking’ resulted in the application of leading edge technology in the form of Nibe F2300 Air Source Heat Pump supplied and installed by specialist local company Anderson Floorwarming & Renewables.

The outstanding energy efficiency of the Nibe F2300 Air Source Heat Pump acknowledged by its inclusion in the Carbon Trust’s Energy Technologies list, more than justifies the client’s choice and satisfies the environmental requirements. The construction wing of South Lanarkshire College was previously heated by gas fired boilers. The new Nibe heat pump has been installed to the existing heating primary via a plate heat exchanger and zone valves controlled automatically by Nibe SMO10 management system. The SMO10 management system has been set up and commissioned by Anderson Floor Warming & Renewables to ensure that the heat pump operates to the maximum efficiency possible, only allowing the gas fired boilers to operate at colder external temperatures when the heat pump efficiency will be reduced.

James Jamieson curriculum manager at South Lanarkshire College who has been instrumental in delivering renewable training to students and businesses in the colleges flagship, state of the art Energy Academy and low carbon house (Aurora) said “I am delighted the college are continuing their commitment to move forward with integrating renewable technologies and look forward to the next project which is to include a ground source heat pump, air source heat pump and biomass boiler into the college heating system.”

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