Feb 172014

Architect – Space Solutions

Mechanical Contractor – Anderson Floor Warming

Newton Terrace

While underfloor heating combined with a renewable heating source such as a heat pump is the most efficient and economical system for heating most properties there are still many situations where a gas fired condensing boiler and traditional radiator system will be more suited, particularly if there is a tight budget.

Boiler Room

This renovation/conversion of an office block back to a town house was better suited to radiators and a gas boiler system. Given the large size of the property the system was configured with 2 Vaillant gas fired condensing boilers, a Vaillant 300 litre mains pressure hot water cylinder and controlled by a Vaillant VR360 weather compensating controller providing hot water and three separate zone controls (Living 1 in the basement, Living 2 on the ground and first floor, and Sleeping on the second floor)

boiler schematic