Apr 032014

Energy Saving Scotland have announced an extension to the Home Energy Scotland renewables loan scheme.

The scheme offers interest free loans up to 75% of the total cost up to £10,000 for the supply and installation of a domestic renewables system.

Loans are available to owner occupiers in Scotland for residential existing buildings and new buildings under construction if the property is already owned by the intended owner occupier.

The loan scheme operates on a first-come first-served basis subject to the overall availability of loan funds.

Using Anderson Floor Warming And Renewables as your MCS accredited installer you could be eligible for the amounts shown in the following table:


Maximum loan value

Maximum loan repayment period (years)

Solar water heating system £5,000 8
Air source to water heat pump £10,000 12
Ground source to water heat pump £10,000 12
Water source to water heat pump £10,000 12

You will also be eligible for the forthcoming Renewable Heat Incentive even if you have received a renewables loan from the Scottish Government.

For full details of the scheme and how to apply for a loan please visit this page at Energy Saving Scotland.