Anderson Floor Warming Underfloor Heating may be fitted using the pipe in pug system.


We recommend that to achieve optimum efficiency of the underfloor heating system the use of weather dependent (weather compensation) flow temperature control, properly balanced and set in line with the design for adjustment of the primary and loop flow. We also recommend the settings are recorded for future reference.

Construction Outline

Surface layer

Parquet, solid wood or laminated floor
The floor heating is covered with damp barrier (age constant plastic) and after that rag paper or cell foam. On top of that a load bearing floor. Note that rag board must never be laid directly on the underfloor installation as this may cause squeaking. For fixing of some solid wood floors (and all parquet floors), it may be necessary to lay 12mm plywood above cell foam. Floating engineered (laminated) floors generally do not require an intermediate plywood layer. The flooring should be installed in line with manufacturers instructions. Always consult the flooring manufacturer. Always consult Anderson Floor Warming for floor thicknesses above 25 mm total and take advice from the flooring manufacturer.
Vinyl or linoleum flooring
When vinyl or linoleum flooring is used, a floor of 1 layer of 12mm floor plywood is glued and screwed down according to the instructions provided by the plywood supplier.
Ceramics or natural stone
For flooring of ceramics or natural stone we recommend our systems AFW Slotted Board Wood 22.

AFW Heating Circuit Manifold

The AFW Heating Circuit Manifold must be installed as shown in the design drawing. Please read the instructions enclosed with the manifold first.