Ground source heat pumps are one of the fastest growing, yet already long established, renewable energy sources. They are electrically powered systems, which utilise the largely unexploited resource of the earth’s relatively constant temperature to make use of energy from the ground heat to provide space heating, cooling and hot water.

Most commonly GSHP’s are indirect systems where a water/antifreeze solution circulates through a ground loop or bore collector and energy is transferred to or from the heat pump refrigerant circuit via a heat exchanger. This is then transferred to the heating and hot water system in the property.

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There may be grants or loans available to those installing heat pumps in their property through an MCS accredited installer like Anderson Floor Warming And Renewables.

Anderson Floor Warming can provide free estimates for, and assist in, the application of these grants. Please get in touch with us to discuss getting a quote and check our links page for more information on grants and funding available.

Renewable Heat Incentive/Premium Payments

For information on the Renewable Heat Incentive please click here to see our page with the latest details on the scheme and links to relevant sites for information on applying.