Advanced pipe technology for up-to-date water distribution.

  • Advanced material of PEX flexible plumbing pipe withstands high temperature and pressure.
  • Corrosion and scale-free plumbing pipe.
  • Frost-free and noise-free pipe.
  • Hygienic material and sealed ring system.
  • Flexible joint-free in the floor pipe reduces maintenance costs and condensation from cold pipes.
  • Can be buried in solid walls and floors when used in its own conduit.
  • Ideal for both renovation and new construction.
  • Pexapipe plumbing comes in a wide range of sizes and fittings to suit most applications.

A versatile plumbing system that’s quick and easy to install.

  • Complete all-in-one packages with instructions to speed and simplify installation.
  • No soldering, bending or threading tools required.
  • No special skills or prolonged training required.
  • Light and easy to transport and store.
  • Flexible Pex pipe can be threaded in joists avoiding the need for extra brackets for strength.
  • Joint-free pipe eliminates leaks and costly re-calls.
  • Ideally suited to unvented hot water and combi-boilers, thus eliminating the need for tank in loft installation and associated problems.

Advanced Technology of Pex

PEX pipe is made of high density polyethylene, cross linked by special electron beam process for strength. It withstands high temperature and pressure and is coated with oxygen diffusion barrier to protect against corrosion in other metal parts of the system.
The expected life of PEX pipe is over 50 years according to strict German DIN tests. It is by far the most widely used plastic pipe for heating systems throughout Europe. IPPEC supplies multilayer pipe of PEX Aluminium PEX in metric sizes too.

Complementary Quality Fittings

Only quality brass and bronze compression fittings are used in the Pexapipe system. The one piece fitting of pipe insert and body eliminate joint leak at rubber ‘O’ or grab rings. Fittings in BSP and metric sizes and in many configurations are available to connect to all types of taps, cylinders and to existing conventional metal pipe plumbing.

Fully Integrated System

A wide range of PEX pipe sizes and fittings available to take your installation right up to the cold mains and cylinder. The PEXAPIPE primary connection use large bore PEX equivalent to standard metal pipe sizes to meet your requirements and to complete the most demanding installation. Pexapipe is ideally suited to modern unvented hot water systems (as in combi boilers and with Pexapipe high performance cylinders) as well as traditional vented system.


Pexapipe system components are tested and approved to German DIN and U.K Water Research Council and by various EC Authorities. The PEX pipe meets BS standard requirements and is approved by British Gas for central heating applications.

The Pexapipe Rings

Pexapipe advanced connection rings for hot and cold water allow flow in both directions for good flow and better mixing at the taps. This is useful on the first floor with several bathrooms. Water is always replaced in the ring whichever tap is opened avoiding potentially harmful stagnant water in pipes. A connection from the furthest manifold to the centre tapping at the cylinder gives instant hot water at the taps. This avoids wasting water which has already been heated. The PEX pipe from the reel and the manifold connections ensure no hidden joints in the floor.