Anderson Floor Warming Pipe

Anderson Floor Warming’s pipe is a PE-Xa (molecular cross linked high density polyethylene), which has been used in heating and potable water systems since the beginning of the 1970’s. Experience, combined with extensive accelerated ageing tests, show that Anderson Floor Warming PE-Xa pipe has a life expectancy of well over 50 years in heating systems with continuous temperatures of 70 degrees and an

operating class of 6 Bar.In practice, and in normal operation conditions, PE-Xa pipe life expectancy is far longer, as much lower temperatures and pressures are used. The pipe has qualified in tests as a PE-X 100 material, which is a stamp of quality not held by any other PE-X pipes of equivalent size to our current range. Pressure resistance is tested according to ISO 9080.

Anderson Floor Warming pipe is co-extruded complete with and oxygen diffusion barrier (OCB) of EVOH, which prevents oxygenation of water. Test results show that the density of the ODB on our PE-Xa is more that 10 times greater than the requirements of current DIN standards.

Independent laboratories, with the following results, have documented pipe properties:

General Pipe Properties

The pipes fulfil all requirements of DIN EN 12318-2 (former DIN 16892). Anderson Floor Warming PE-Xa pipes are also approved in accordance to ASTM F876 / F877.

Material Properties

Pressure Resistance & Stress Cracking Resistance:

  • Pressure Resistance in accordance with ISO 9080. Performed by Bodycote Polymer (former Studsvik Polymer, which is a leading test institute, worldwide accredited)
  • Testing temperatures of 110, 95 and 20°C
  • Testing time requirements of 10 000 hours have been fulfilled
  • Result: Regression analysis ISO 9080, Bodycote
  • The material’s resistance to Environmental Stress Cracking & Pressure testing, at 120°C was also evaluated by Bodycote I st 5 with splendid results.

Oxygen Diffusion properties

  • Oxygen Diffusion in accordance with DIN 4726/4729 (performed by MPA
  • Requirement: Oxygen diffusion should after temp. Cycling be a maximum of 0,1gram/m^3*d at 40°C
  • Result: less then 0,1 gram/m^3*d

Hygienic Properties

  • Hygienic Properties in accordance with the Danish Approval Rules (performed by DTC and DTI) and including tests in accordance with EN 852-1, ISO 4120-1983, ISO 5495-1983.
  • Testing program (60´c); TOC, Taste & Smell, Turbidity, Phenol & Nitrogen migration plus a theoretical evaluation.
  • Result: The pipe material has been approved under Danish regulations (the strictest in Europe).