Barquhey Farm Plot 3

Anderson Floor Warming designed, supplied and installed Nibe ‘Fighter’ 2015 11kW Air Source Heat Pump with a VPA 300/200 domestic hot water cylinder, linked via our joint free pre-insulated PEX heating primary system to the underfloor heating system, utilising pipe in staple on both floors.

In addition to this, Anderson Floor Warming also did the design, supply and installation of a mechanical heat recovery ventilation system and solar thermal for hot water.

This property was featured in a Case Study in the November 2010 Build It + Home Improvement magazine:

Liz Marquis and husband Duncan both work in energy generation and energy efficiency so they were keen to install UFH into the ground floor of their new build.

The countryside plot has no mains gas so UFH powered by an air source heat pump was ideal. Anderson Floor Warming, which supplied the system, was also able to integrate it with solar water panels and a heat recovery ventilation system. The couple chose oak composite and tiled floors that would be easy to clean and keep free of dog hair, and which work effectively with UFH.

Liz says they are really enjoying their warm house. “I got fed up having cold feet in our old stone Victorian house so underfloor heating really appealed. The system is really energy efficient and our heating costs are much lower now.”