Bunnahabhain Distillery

Anderson Floor Warming was contracted to complete the heating and hot water system at the new visitor center at Bunnahabhain Distillery on Islay.

The design includes a coastal 14kW Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump, installed to MCS standards, coupled with both a hot water cylinder for the hot water and a buffer vessel for the heating.

The heat load of the building is met by using underfloor heating, coupled with pre-heated mechanical ventilation. The system was installed on a reinforced mezzanine deck, to reduce the footprint and increase the usable area within the building.

Drop Off Building Edinburgh Airport

The drop off / fast park building at Edinburgh airport was a project involving tight timescales and a rigorous schedule. Anderson Floor Warming was contracted to install the heating and cooling system as well as the insulation, screed and the floor surface within the plant room. The heat pump that was used at this project was a Climaveneta unit, which is able to monitor the temperature and humidity in the building and switch between heating and cooling, and this unit supplies an underfloor heating system within the concourse area. 

Ardgartan Hotel

Lochs and Glens Holidays, owners of the newly-built Ardgartan Hotel, were looking for a renewables solution both to reduce the carbon footprint of the hotel and to limit the use of oil and LPG as heating fuels, not least because of their high cost.  After weighing up a range of alternatives, Aeromax Plus air source heat pumps were selected on the basis of their cost-effectiveness and high-performance levels.

Aeromax Plus heat pumps use natural heat from outside air to provide central heating (either underfloor heating or traditional radiators) and/or hot water, and are well-suited to working efficiently in cooler Scottish temperatures. They can extract heat from the air at temperatures down to -20°C, making them consistently effective all-year-round, even in exposed locations. They have low running costs and can reduce energy bills and CO2 emissions by as much as 50 per cent. The powerful 75kW heat pump supplies the hotel’s underfloor heating, providing sufficient output to warm the majority of the ground-floor of the hotel, a total of 992m².

Dumfries House

We were contracted by Hope Homes (Hope South West) to design, supply and install a district heating and domestic hot water system consisting of 1no. Dimplex high temperature LA 26 PS air to water heat pump to provide domestic hot water throughout all 7no. holiday rental units and 1no. LA 60TU air to water heat pump to provide low temperature heating to underfloor heating and 6no. steading units in the refurbished and converted Mains Steading of the Estate with Dimplex Smartrad radiators to unit no.7. The district heating system also provided underfloor heating and Dimplex Smartrad radiators to the listed Generator Room building.

An extract of an email received from the client Hope Homes:-

“Please convey our thanks to all who worked on this contract for their efforts in delivering the heating and hot water system on time, after all discussions, quotations, designs, etc. it all came together perfect in the end. The rooms were all occupied last weekend and no teething problems reported.

“Thanks again it been a pleasure working with Anderson’s once more.

Kind Regards,

Maritime Hub, Ardrishaig

The Maritime Hub project was a renovation of an existing building with a new extension which included a museum and a communal space to be used for the local community. The project included a Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump serving underfloor heating throughout, with the hot water demand being met with electrical point heaters. The heat pump was installed to MCS standards and is RHI compatible and the pumps used were twin head, Grundfos Magna3 pumps which provide failsafe and high flow rates. Anderson Floor warming was also involved with the Mapei Topcem screeding and Mapei Ultratop floor finish works. the finish chosen was a premium concrete-like look, extended up the wall & columns, and is hard-wearing to increase the lifetime of the building. This project presented unique challenges due to the proximity to water and the distance of the heat pump to the plant room.

Carnoch, Glencoe

Anderson Floor Warming designed, supplied and installed a Nibe ‘Fighter’ 2005 8kW Air Source Heat Pump linked via our joint free pre-insulated PEX heating primary system to the underfloor heating system, utilising pipe in staple in a screeded floor. Radiators supply heat to the first floor with towel rails in the bathrooms on each floor.

Pre-insulated joint free PEX pipe hot and cold primary system distributes the pressurised hot and cold water to the secondary manifolds throughout the property.


Anderson Floor Warming designed, supplied and installed Nibe ‘Fighter’ 2015 11kW Air Source Heat Pump with a 450/300 VPAS domestic hot water cylinder linked via our joint free pre-insulated PEX heating primary system to the heating system, utilising LK slotted wood 22 underfloor heating to the ground floor and a mixture of LK slotted wood 22 underfloor heating and radiators on the first floor.

Pre-insulated joint free PEX pipe hot and cold primary system distributed the mains pressure hot and cold water to the secondary manifolds throughout the property. Solar thermal panels have also been installed on the roof.

Email received from the happy customer:-

“Dear Mike, This is to express a big thank you to Pete and Mikey Craig for the effort they made last Monday and Tuesday to get our heating and Hot water system up and running. My understanding is that they left Fife at about 4am on Monday to catch the first boat and still did a full day’s work.
Could you pass our thanks and appreciation on to them both as we got distracted by another issue and failed to say good bye when they left.
As far as we can see the system is working and Pete was kind enough to give us his Mobile number in case we have questions later on.
Finally, could you let us know what the final balance to pay is and let us have whatever invoice or completion paperwork we’ll need to close the loop with the Low Carbon Buildings Grant which in our case expires early next Month.
Best Regards and thanks to all your team for a job well done.
Neil and Liz MacGilp”

Barquhey Farm Plot 3

Anderson Floor Warming designed, supplied and installed Nibe ‘Fighter’ 2015 11kW Air Source Heat Pump with a VPA 300/200 domestic hot water cylinder, linked via our joint free pre-insulated PEX heating primary system to the underfloor heating system, utilising pipe in staple on both floors.

In addition to this, Anderson Floor Warming also did the design, supply and installation of a mechanical heat recovery ventilation system and solar thermal for hot water.

This property was featured in a Case Study in the November 2010 Build It + Home Improvement magazine:

Liz Marquis and husband Duncan both work in energy generation and energy efficiency so they were keen to install UFH into the ground floor of their new build.

The countryside plot has no mains gas so UFH powered by an air source heat pump was ideal. Anderson Floor Warming, which supplied the system, was also able to integrate it with solar water panels and a heat recovery ventilation system. The couple chose oak composite and tiled floors that would be easy to clean and keep free of dog hair, and which work effectively with UFH.

Liz says they are really enjoying their warm house. “I got fed up having cold feet in our old stone Victorian house so underfloor heating really appealed. The system is really energy efficient and our heating costs are much lower now.”

Rockcliffe House

A new build house near Newton Mairns where we designed, supplied and installed the entire heating system. A 14kW Ecodan air source heat pump supplies underfloor heating on the ground floor, radiators on the first floor in addition to hot water for the property. We also installed a heat recovery ventilation system in addition to hot water heating.

Dwelling House Extension, Lennoxtown

This garage and extension to an existing dwelling house is fitted with an Anderson Floor Warming And Renewables underfloor heating system. The heating is supplied by a Nibe Fighter 1330 22kW ground source heat pump which was sized for future office and store adjacent to the building which has now also been connected to the heat pump using our microflex pre-insulated underground pipework.

Due to different floor constructions within the building, pipe in staple and pipe in plate was used for the underfloor heating. The store has pipe in staple underfloor heating and traditional radiators serve the office.

Anderson Floor Warming And Renewables designed, supplied and installed the entire heating system including heat pump, underfloor heating, radiators and hot and cold plumbing.