The Perfect Low Profile Underfloor Heating System

Underfloor Heating is gaining popularity every passing day. Gone are the days when there were a limited solutions only designed to suit a few types of floor constructions or build types. The growing demand had lead to the development of innovative and cost effective solutions which has made underfloor heating affordable and easy to install. Yet, the task of installation should be left to a professional.

As a leading underfloor heating specialist in Scotland, our aim has always been to stay ahead of our competition by using the best available products in the market. For over a decade, we have been sourcing our products from Scandanavia, a market that is definiately on the right track to reduce carbon emissions and making it affordable for every day consumer.

We get asked about retrofit solutions especially one that does not increase the floor height. Our EPS 16 system is ideal solution for anyone who is renovating a room with restricted height. The insulated, pre-grooved panel is only 16 mm thick and is installed over existing floors. The entire surface is fitted with an aluminium plate “not foil” which improves the heating response time and gives you even heat distribution.

The heating pipe loops are simply pushed into the panel grooves, which is entirely covered by a bonded aluminium plate; heat from the pipes is spread evenly across the entire floor surface, with little downward heat loss.

Load bearing flooring is then installed directly on top of the panel. If, for example, you decide to lay tiles over the floor heating installation, the total installation height is only 26 mm.

  • Ideal for renovation
  • Cuts downward heat loss
  • Suitable under all types of final flooring
  • Low installation height: from 25 mm

So if you are looking to install underfloor heating on to an exisiting floor with a minimal disruption, talk to one of our project engineers to find out how we can help or alternatively email us your floor plan and we will take it from there.

Go #underfloor!

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