East Cambusmoon Farm, Gartocharn

Directors of Lomond Energy Renewable Energy Consultants aimed to build their new home to use less than 1/5th of the energy of current building standards , however were pleased to discover that actually they are using 25% less energy than they expected, with their combination of ground source heat pump, underfloor heating, 1.08kw solar PV array mounted on the south facing roof, and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery. Anderson Floor Warming designed, supplied and installed NIBE Fighter 1240 ground source heat pump, heating primary distribution, serving underfloor heating pipe on mesh, laid within the structural concrete floor to increase thermal mass.

Our joint free PEX pipe hot and cold primary system distributes the mains pressure hot and cold water to the secondary manifolds throughout the property.

Their blog details the construction of the property, focussing on the environmental issues involved: