Tigh Na Dobhran

RIAS Best Building in Scotland Award Finalist 2008
GIA Design Award 2008

This award-winning house is situated in a stunning open beachside setting. The form of the house is influenced by its surroundings and aspects, organised on a split level section responding to height restrictions and contours of the site.

Underground garage and storage form the heel of the building towards the road, the point of arrival from afar. Half a storey up and towards the sea are the main living spaces including kitchen, exposed sea room and more sheltered snug. Half a storey up again and back towards the road are the family bedrooms whilst at the highest level overlooking the sea is a master bedroom suite.

Anderson Floor Warming design, supplied and installed Nibe ‘Fighter’ 1120 15kW Ground Source Heat Pump, utilising boreholes linked via our joint free pre-insulated PEX heating primary system to the underfloor heating system, utilising pipe in screed on both floors.

Pre-insulated joint free PEX pipe hot and cold primary systemdistributes the pressurised hot and cold water to the secondary manifolds throughout the property.