Steading, Auchoish, Lochgilphead

A combination of upgrading of existing farmhouse, and renovation and conversion of steading outbuildings, this project features a NIBE ‘Fighter’ Ground Source Heat Pump, utilising borehole collectors, linked via our joint free pre-insulated PEX heating primary system to the underfloor heating system, which utilises a pipe in screed system on the ground floor levels, and pipe in plate system on the joisted 1st floor level. The existing farmhouse utilises a radiator system also served from the ground source heat pump on a separate temperature curve.

Pre-insulated joint free PEX pipe hot and cold primary system distributes the pressurised hot and cold water to the secondary manifolds throughout the property. The hot water secondary return system is pumped, timed and thermostatically controlled to maximise efficiency and minimise energy consumption.

A wind turbine is utilised to offset the electricity consumption of the ground source heat pump.