Prawn Farm, Balfron

Anderson Floor Warming And Renewables designed, supplied and installed the heating distribution to the Prawn Farm facility from the neighboring 550kW combined heating and power (CHP) plant.

Anderson Floor Warming also assisted neighboring Strathendrick Biogas re-configure energy distribution between the CHP and their crop drying facility to simultaneously deliver energy to the farm and dryer.  The farm’s remote energy centre stores 1000L of energy produced sustainably by the CHP unit powered from biogas.

On-site Vaillant ecoTEC LPG boilers will produce 360kW of backup energy. The buffer tank then delivers heat to the farm facility via approx. 3300lm of underfloor heating pipe to approx. 900m2 and 250kW to farm process water.


Primary: Great Britsh Prawns

Secondary: Strathendrick Biogas